Proper Brewing of Green Tea

Though it is not a difficult task, brewing green tea well can be an art form if taken seriously. Factors such as tea storage, brewing length, and water type and temperature all have an enormous affect on the taste and antioxidant level of the finished cup. Please follow the following procedure and tips to brew a perfect green tea.

Tea Storage

Because green tea leaves are delicate due to their freshness, they should be handled as tenderly like fresh, leafy vegetables. The tea leaves should also be stored correctly so that they retain all of their antioxidants; the best container will be airtight, opaque and in a cool, dry location like a cupboard. This way, the tea leaves are protected from moisture, food odors, and light and will have the best taste and the highest level of nutrients when it comes time to brew.

Brewing Green Tea

The process for brewing green tea can be a bit complex, but after a few times it will become just like habit, and you will brew delicious and nutritious tea with every attempt.

Step 1: The Water - The absolute best water to use for brewing green tea is spring water, and then next best choice is filtered water. Distilled water should never be used, as it lacks the minerals needed to bring out the flavor of green tea leaves.

Though black and oolong teas are brewed in heartily boiling water, green tea leaves brew best in lower temperatures (160-170 degrees Fahrenheit). To reach that perfect temperature, take the water off heat just when it begins to boil and let it cool for minute before pouring it over the tea leaves.

Step 2: The Tea - Tea drinkers differ in their opinions on how much tea should be used for each brew, but generally the rule is that if you like stronger tea you should use more tea leaves, and fewer if you like weaker tea. A standard amount of tea is usually four ounces of tea for eight ounces of water. Also, most tea aficionados prefer brewing green tea with whole tea leaves instead of tea packets.

Step 3: Steeping - Most black and oolong teas steep for quite a while in the cup or pot of hot water, but again green tea leaves need only to be steeped for about thirty seconds to one minute to produce the ideal flavor. However, some brands of green tea, like Chinese Dragonwell, take much longer to steep.

While simply brewing green tea and drinking it naturally is a delicious choice, you may also want to consider steeping the tea leaves with slices of ginger, lemon or spearmint to enhance green tea's flavor.

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