Types of Green Tea

Green tea is very popular, so there are a great number of green tea varieties to choose from and deciding what to buy can be difficult. Because there are so many types of green tea, they are usually classified not only by a specific name, but by the region from which the tea is harvested. Greenteas.com offers all green tea varieties, and in order to make it easier for you to decide, we are providing a short guide with the distinguishing characteristics associated with each type of green tea.

Green Tea Types

Green tea is grown mainly in three countries-China, Japan and India-and each country has their own unique types of green tea. Some of the best green tea varieties are:

  • Dragonwell (China) - This is mainland China's favorite green tea, with a fresh green taste. The highest grade of Dragonwell is named Qing Ming after the nation's spring festival, which takes place in early April.
  • Chun Mei (China) - This tea, translated as Precious Eyebrows, is grown in the Yunnan province. A light brew gives the tea a lovely amber color and an aftertaste of sweet plums.
  • Makaibari Tea Estates (India) - An award-winning green tea, Makaibari is incredibly flavorful but still a light tea.
  • Craigmore Estate (India) - Craigmore Estate tea is grown at extremely high altitudes in India's Blue Mountains. Though it may not be due to its growing conditions, this green tea is extremely fragrant and sweet.
  • Sencha (Japan) - About three-quarters of all the green tea harvested in Japan is Sencha tea, which makes it Japan's most commonly consumed green tea. Because it's made from a higher quality leaf than other Japanese teas, it is often called "guest tea." It has a sweet and clean, astringent flavor.
  • Gyokuro (Japan) - Gyokuro is Japan's highest-quality green tea, and this is due partially to its complex growing and harvesting process. Gyokuro is allowed to mature in a way that enhances the leaves' health benefits, aroma and taste. It has an intense green color and is much sweeter than other green teas.
  • Even with descriptions of all the types of green tea, you may still have a difficult time deciding which tea to try. Greenteas.com offers all the various green tea varieties, so it is easy to experiment with many different green teas before settling on a favorite. Let Greenteas.com supply your home or business with this refreshing and healthful drink.

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