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Green Tea as Vitamin Supplement

Even with its many antioxidants, fresh taste and antibacterial nature, green tea just keeps astounding researchers because of its incredible health benefits. These benefits are deeply related to another important aspect of green tea: that it contains numerous vitamins and minerals. It is proven that...  Full story

Green Tea vs. Black Tea

Out of the four true teas that are harvested from the Camiellia Sinensis plant, the two most popular are unquestionably black tea (often more popular in the western world) and green tea (often more popular in Asia). In our increasingly health-conscious society, green tea is becoming much more popula...  Full story

Weight Loss with Green Tea

Of all the excellent benefits of drinking green tea, two of the most exciting for average consumers are its ability to promote fat loss and to increase physical endurance, both of which aid in weight loss. But tea drinkers should not expect to simply lose weight simply by drinking green tea. What gr...  Full story

Proper Brewing of Green Tea

Though it is not a difficult task, brewing green tea well can be an art form if taken seriously. Factors such as tea storage, brewing length, and water type and temperature all have an enormous affect on the taste and antioxidant level of the finished cup. Please follow the following procedure and t...  Full story

Other Uses of Green Tea

Since green tea leaves are so good for your health because of their incredible antioxidants, it's no wonder that green tea leaves are also useful for a variety of other tasks like dyeing cloth, smell removal and treating skin ailments with its antibacterial qualities. It's great to enjoy t...  Full story

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