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As long ago as 4,000 years, China's inhabitants cultivated and drank green tea, mainly for its medicinal value. In the past century, however, green tea has become popular all over the world, largely due to its fresh, light flavor and incredible health advantages. The benefits of green tea far exceed those of other teas because the tea leaves are not fermented and retain a higher level of antioxidants. Greenteas.com is the leading online green tea supplier for tea lovers worldwide; let us provide you with the best green teas for your family or business.

Not Merely a Green Tea Supplier

While Greenteas.com always has numerous types of green tea available at retail and wholesale prices, it refuses to merely be a green tea supplier. Greenteas.com also offers interesting and useful articles on a variety of subjects related to green tea, including green tea benefits and proper brewing techniques. A sampling of the articles available for reading at greenteas.com include:

  • Green Tea 101 - With basic information on green tea benefits and brewing, Green Tea 101 will point you in the right direction on your path to purchasing and enjoying green tea.
  • Green Tea vs. Black Tea - Black tea is still extremely popular worldwide, but green tea has more health benefits and advantages. See how both teas measure up to each other.
  • History of Green Tea - Read more about green tea's long and interesting history, from its roots in ancient Chinese culture to its westward spread.
  • Proper Brewing of Green Tea - To maximize green tea's benefits and flavor, make sure to follow the steps in this useful guide to brewing the perfect cup.
  • Other Uses of Green Tea - While green tea is mainly for drinking, it has several lesser known useful purposes, like odor removal and cloth dyeing.
  • Weight Loss With Green Tea - One of the most celebrated health benefits associated with green tea is its ability to promote fat loss, and in effect weight loss.

There are many more articles to peruse on Greenteas.com, so you'll never lack information on green tea benefits, brewing and uses. But make sure to visit the online store to purchase teas and tea accessories after you read up on this wonderful drink.

If green tea is what you need, Greenteas.com is the place to visit. It's not just a green tea supplier, but a Mecca for green tea drinkers and connoisseurs. Whether you want to stock your business or your home, Greenteas.com can provide the best in green tea products at reasonable prices.

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